Our Journey to Being the Guardians of Moyglare

In 2010 Malcolm and his son, Spencer, drove to the contents sale for the old hotel during the big snow that year. They drove from Dublin to Maynooth, barely making it the last mile from the town to the house!

While the car swerved up the avenue to an empty viewing, Malcolm proclaimed how he would love to buy the house, but that it was too far out reach…

Dreams can come true

4 Years Later...

Ireland was deep in a recession. The house had lain vacant for years and over this time water leaks had caused serious damage to structural beams. The house was at risk of falling into dilapidation, even falling down!

At this point Malcolm and Angela had been looking at a house close by, when they were offered the house they could only once dreamed about. The road to restoration would be (still is!) a long one, but the next guardians of this great house were ready to rescue it.

Find out more about the restoration of the house and journey still ahead of us!



About the Owners

Angela Alexander

Angela is a furniture historian specialising in early nineteenth century Irish cabinetmakers. She continues to research Dublin cabinetmakers and hopes to publish a book on Irish Furniture in the early nineteenth century.

During the summer, she's on the road nearly every weekend travelling all over Ireland, UK and Europe with our horses as her daughters compete in eventing competitions regularly.

Angela Alexander and Malcolm Alexander
Angela Alexander and Malcolm Alexander

Malcolm Alexander

Only just retired as an accountant, Malcolm has been been collecting art since his first purchase at the age of six! Many of the paintings in the house have been selected by him.

Now that he's retired he has more time to boss the builders about. Not sure how happy they are about that, but guests will enjoy the new amenities being developed on the property!